Lago Sandoval (Tambopata National Park)

Lake Sandoval is a lake in Peru, close to the city of Puerto Maldonado, part of the Madre de Dios in the Amazon basin. There is a touristic hike from the river Madre de Dios to the lake. On the way if you're lucky, you might see parrots, macaws and some other species from the rain forest. The lake is also known for having black caimans and giant otters.

Collpa La Cachuela (Cachuela Clay lick)

A 40-minute boat trip up the Madre de Dios River from Puerto Maldonado takes you to this small collpa (clay lick) on the riverbank. Each day at dawn, more than 100 parrots, parakeets, chestnut-fronted macaws, red bellied macaws, blue headed macaws, gather here from 5:30 am to 8 am to eat the mineral-rich clay.

EcoAventuras Amazonicas - Tambopata

Simplicity is the word, simplicity helps loosen emotions and widen our mind, and with this word in our mind we tried to link the natural environment with the resort ...